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The benefits of cat condos
Published 2012/08/22


The purpose of a cat condo is to keep your cat amused and to allow him to scratch on a rugged surface that mimics the kind found in nature. Unlike dogs, cat claws are retractable, which allows them to scratch in order to condition their claws and remove the dead outer layer or sheath. And of course, a cat condo is certainly a more desirable place to do this than your expensive furniture or carpets! In addition to preventing your cat from destroying your home, cat condos offer other benefits too.   

Feline behaviorists will tell you that cat condos are almost a must for cat owners, especially those with multiple cats. Many experts believe that cat condos help to minimize cat fights, territorial spraying, and generalized anxiety. This is because climbing is instinctual for cats; they actually enjoy heights! Out in nature, where cats are both predator and prey, cats feel more comfortable perched in a tree or other high place, as this enables them to better detect potential prey and, more importantly, potential predators.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before buying a cat condo. The main thing you want to look for is a tall condo. Beyond this aspect, the bigger the condo and the more levels it has, the more suitable it will be for multiple cats. Since it’s important to keep cats mentally stimulated, you’ll also want to look for a condo that allows your cat to scale it using different paths. This feature will also be useful if you have multiple cats, as it will allow them to climb the condo without running into each other and getting into territorial fights. Naturally, you’ll want to make sure the condo is very sturdy so your cats feel safe in it.

Once you’ve purchased the cat condo, you must then find the best place to put it; this should be somewhere that gives your cat easy access to it and that provides the best overview of the room from inside the condo itself. Since cats also love looking outside, another alternative would be to put the condo near a window.

To get your cat accustomed to his new “condo”, you can put catnip on different levels or put his food at the foot of the condo or on a lower level.  According to experts, if your cat hasn’t used the condo in five days, then it’s in the wrong place. If this happens, simply move it until your cat goes for the new location and finally moves in!


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